Corporate event photography

As a business, you invest a lot of time, effort, manpower and money into corporate events.  Your events are excellent marketing and public relations opportunities.  Usually, a corporate event is the one time where all the key players for your business are in the same place. 

Your place in the world

Events provide the opportunity to network.  It is more than the staff that network, corporate events are a platform to network people, ideas, brands, services, and products.

Event legacy

Corporate event photography can provide you with the images that you then go on and use in all your marketing channels.  including your company website, your partner company websites, supply chain partners, printed materials, advertisements, product brochures, forums, social media and press releases.

What we do

We work with you, to add value to your business.  Consider us as a professional partner to your marketing team. You know more than us, where the value of high-quality images lays in your business.  We will have a discussion and then capture what is needed.

What we may need

Sometimes, especially at larger events, we may need from you a guide – essentially someone who knows who is who.  We usually need some setup time.  For conference type events we embed flash lighting equipment in the stage and auditorium. Usually, this sits well with the AV equipment.

Our investment

We have invested heavily, in very specialist equipment, that lets us shoot a diverse range of high-quality images, in the smallest or largest of spaces, and under any lighting condition.

From a handshake to a ship launch, indoors or out we are ready to shoot your event.


Short day rate (up to 2 hours) €500 
Half day rate (up to 6 hours) €1000
Extended day rate (up to 12 hours)  €1200 
Block bookings 20% discount for subsequent days

Block bookings are for contiguous days, applicable for full and extended days, but not applicable for half days.  The first day is charged at the full rate, the second and subsequent days at a discounted rate.

What is included

  • One experienced event photographer, providing professional photography coverage of your event, using top of the range professional equipment
  • A set of fully edited images from the shoot
  • After the event, back in our offices, images will be fully edited to be print and web ready
  • Images are supplied digitally, in the formats requested
  • Commercial image usage licenses

We will provide a separate quotation if extended editing work beyond supplying print ready images is required.

Set up time
Equipment set up, and pack downtime, is part of a normal day’s coverage, we expect to be doing this in the allotted time.  We will bill accordingly if we need to set up or pack down, on a different day.

We cover all of Cyprus but are based in the Paphos/Polis areas.  Outside of this area, we charge fair expenses to cover our costs and time.

Limassol area    + €30 per trip
Larnaca area + €50 per trip
Ayia Napa, Nicosia    + €70 per trip

It is possible to provide the following services.  We will need to discuss the scope and logistics with you to determine suitability and pricing.

  • Aerial coverage
  • 360 video coverage
  • Live streaming

On a boat?
If your event is on a boat we can still cover your event.

Depending on the requirements of the company running the boat, there occasionally is a nominal surcharge to cover additional insurance coverage.

What isn’t included
Props, models, clothes, stylists, makeup artists and any required permits for shooting on location.

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