Cyprus Property Photography

The real secret to selling, letting or renting your property.

We live in an internet age, where property sales, holiday lets, and rentals are initially done online at a distance.  It is well known that pictures sell, and this is especially true for real estate. 

No matter if you are selling, renting, or simply popping your home on Airbnb, it vitally important to make your property stand head and shoulders above the competition.  You mainly do that by getting great photographs.

Why do I need this?
Let’s not mince words… A lot of property in Cyprus, that is marketed online, has shocking photography, and an abysmal write-up.  This is excellent news for you, it means that with very little effort, your property, can be the one that stands out from all the others.

By improving your photographs and marketing write-up you will:

  • Sell your property faster
  • Achieve a higher occupancy rate
  • Higher ROI, and profitability
  • Less downtime between rentals
  • Save time and money dealing with timewasters

What do you need to do?

Firstly you need to get over the line.   That line is the property search results page – the results page on Rightmove or Owners Direct, or for example.

The property search results page

Think this one all the way through…

Your villa, house or apartment, is in an online listing with 1000’s of others, the viewer glances past twenty listings every ten seconds or so.  You only have a split second to get the visitor to choose to look at your listing.

“If the price and location is what the buyer is looking for, the only other variables on the search results page are the photograph and title.”

The full listing page

Secondly, when the potential buyer or rental client is looking at your property listing page, you need to inspire that real person to want to buy, let or rent your property.  This part is important.  It is not you that is buying or renting the property, it is someone else.  I guarantee you their tastes will be different to you, and of course, their local knowledge will be too.

The listing page is where you inspire the right buyer, so much so, that they see themselves in your property, and potentially want to live there.

We can help

As professional commercial photographers, we shoot stunning, honest property photography.

We are acutely aware of the challenges, especially in a property market, where we all know, that not much is moving.

For the property search page, we will shoot photographs that stand out in the crowd, enough to get buyers to view your property listing page. 

You will receive a polished set of images, that work together, for a listing page that properly supports your listing text.  We are aiming to get the browsing customer to really understand the best side of your property and make them feel like they could live there or visit.

We provide full-sized high resolutions images that are ready to print, and duplicate sets optimised specifically for websites, property listings and social media.

Property photography price guide

Pricing notes

Additional rooms
We expect an equal number of bathrooms/toilets to bedrooms. Also, we expect a property to have a kitchen, a living area, and hallways. Extra rooms above and beyond this are billed for. Example: basements, indoor pools, saunas, gyms, games rooms, annexes, extra living rooms, and outbuildings. If you are unsure, just ask, we are here to help.

Shoot ready
Our pricing is based on “Shoot ready” presentation to us, meaning we can walk in and shoot, without changing anything.

Help with presentation
If you require help with preparing a property, please let us know. For a fair fee, we can provide some props and provide towels.  We can also dress tables, beds and sunbeds etc.

Property photography booking form

To book us in to shoot your property, fill in the form below.  Please note that we require payment in advance before we shoot.  When we receive your form, we will send over an invoice with payment instructions.

Property photography enquiry

For a quotation or a general enquiry, fill in the form below.


A quick selection, of property photographs, we have shot recently.

Help us help you

We are very good at what we do, however, this is very much so a two-way process. 

You need to present the property to us in its best light, and that means getting the basics sorted:

  • Clean and tidy everything, inside and out
  • De-personalise – remove pictures and anything personal
  • De-clutter
  • Make sure all the lightbulbs work
  • Deal with the physical kerb appeal – clean windows, trim hedges, sweep up
  • If it needs decorating, decorate it
  • If the property is empty, you may want to consider hiring or moving in some furniture
  • Get your pool cleaned
  • Things like towels and throws need to look spot on, and if appropriate match each other

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