Holiday rental photography – selling the dream

Photographs shot for holiday rentals are different to the images we shoot for properties for sale or rent.  You’re selling both the holiday and the holiday home.

Inspiring holidaymakers

For Cyprus holiday lettings, we shoot the full interior and exterior, with lots of outdoor pool shots, showing off a nice bright sunny sky too. Many property owners also opt for twilight and nighttime photography. 

Set the scene by showing towels on sunbeds, drinks on tables and the overall facilities available for guests. Our work is to convey the feeling of a relaxing summer holiday.

You want your holiday let to look inviting; the beds comfortable, to show that you can relax with a drink watching the sunset, and have breakfast outside on a warm summer’s morning.

Why you need great holiday let photography

Your Cyprus holiday let is in a very competitive market. Holiday makers spend a long time deciding which villa to rent, looking at the minute details of every photograph, choosing between properties to rent for their summer holiday.

Great photography sells holidays.

Location, location, location

If your property is in a fabulous location, consider booking aerial shots.  Using aerial photography, tourists can see how close the villa is to the sea, or local amenities. We might include a few images of the local area too. 

Your competition

You need to know that your primary competition is very good at selling great property lets and hotel rooms.  They have already invested heavily in photography and marketing.

The brilliant news is that most of the rest of your competition is the total opposite – disorganised, with an awful online presentation.

Working with your needs

You will receive several sets of images that work to the particular requirements for your website, social media and specific booking platforms, such as Airbnb or