Product photography

Client requirements for product photography vary tremendously
Sometimes, based on the client brief, we will spend all day getting ten shots of two products.  For a different client, on a different day, we shoot several hundred products in an afternoon.  For this reason, we have several pricing options for product photography. 

Which option is best for your business will depend on your products and requirements.

Pricing option 1: Day rate

For a fixed day rate of €1200, we work with your logistical team and shoot products on your premises.  This works well if you have a lot of products that can be picked, organised and ready to go.  We work quickly.  The work rate is normally determined by the efficiency of your logistics teams.  This is great for online catalogue type photography.

Equally, a day rate can work well if we are going to be spending a long time on several products in situ.

Pricing option 2: Per lot

We agree a fixed fee for shooting a group of products.  Usually, you would deliver these products to us to shoot.  This works well for products that need lots of variations or particularly intricate lighting.

Pricing option 3: Per product

(Also known as the pack shot rate)

When there are more than 1000 similar type products, we can work on a “per product basis”.  Our efficiency gain here is where the lighting and shooting setup product-to-product varies little, meaning the shoot and the processing can be semi-automated.

Option 4: Location rate

For a fixed day rate of €1200, we can provide in-situ or on location product shoots.  This is particularly useful for lifestyle or softer product photography.

Always included

  • Professional product photography, shot with professional equipment, by a qualified professional photographer
  • Standard editing – the photograph will be edited ready to use
  • Commercial usage license
  • Images supplied to size, resolution, file format and colour space you specify
  • Online delivery

Included if needed

  • Extra consecutive shots of SKU code or barcodes (this aids future file naming)
  • Online proof management
  • Product disposal. Often, we must destroy or remove packaging – a cellophane window in a product display box are a good example.  Sometimes we must open, or use a product in a shoot.  This can make the product unsalable.  A client will usually know If this is the case in advance
  • Delivery on a USB or DVD (chargeable)

Not included, but deliverable on a per image price or hourly rate

  • Cut-outs, vector creation, mask creation and similar editing type work
  • File naming based on SKU or product name
  • EXIF adjustments based on SKU or product name
  • Spreadsheet or CSV of SKU or product name Vs. image name

Not included

  • Props, models, clothes, stylists and makeup artists
  • Any required permits for shooting on location

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