Conmercial lifestyle & branding shoot

As commercial photographers, we are often asked to shoot lifestyle mixed with commercial photography for branding purposes.  The shoot shown here was just this.  We shot a mixture of work for a local one-to-one coaching business in Paphos. 

We were required to shoot some inspirational work, to cover a series of moods and feelings, to a set colour palette, with and without copy space.  We are often required to shoot in a way that leaves copy space in the finished image to allow the graphic designers to drop text onto the images.  You can see this in some of the images below, where extra space is left around the subject. 

The images below are “design ready” meaning that we expect a graphic designer to take our work and use them in a full artwork.

We are very used to working hand in hand with graphic designers, and we will happily shoot to a full design brief, in terms of format, lighting style, colorspace and layout.

We supplied both social media ready images, and the full sized workflow ready images to the client.

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