Photography of architecturally designed internal commercial office space in Limassol

Metdist approached us to shoot their recently remodelled offices in Limassol. 

The intended image usage was purely commercial;  for websites, insurance purposes, brochures, and to provide an orientation, look and feel for the staff in the satellite offices.

The company had used a professional architectural design company to provide a beautiful interior design.  The result was timeless, sharp, clean, calm, inviting and business like.

Our approach
We aim to deliver a usable set of images with the minimum of disruption, that faithfully represents the intention, design, look and feel of the space.  We provide images for usage across different media, and with copy space included for downstream editing.

This was a working office, so we shot this office space out of hours to reduce our impact on business.

We want a shoot like this to be timeless, and not identify regular members of staff, or customers, so we had asked the staff to remove all personal items from desks and turn of computer monitors.  We also requested that the cleaners had been in the night before we had arrived.

We walked the floor, and placed a blank sheet of A4 paper on top of any documents we found, and moved any personal items we found in the closest draw.  We moved a pile of boxes due for shipping into a room we were not shooting and returned them afterwards.

Next up we looked at each space carefully from all of our shooting angles, positioning blinds, chairs and monitors, ensuring uniformity as a set.  Half of our time on location was attending to tiny details.

The shoot
We love interior space like this.

It is very clear that a lot of thought had gone into the layout and design of space, down to the tiniest architectural details.  This attention to detail allowed us to shoot one-point perspective shots in pretty much every space.  We can normally only do this when the original design is meticulous, and then not compromised at all during delivery or usage.  Here, even the reflections from elements outside of the rooms we were shooting in worked within the room.  That is testament to the execution and quality of the whole design.

We shoot colour reference charts first to ensure accurate colour rendition.

We use very high-resolution cameras chosen for their accurate colour rendition over a wide dynamic range of light.  Non the less, we bracket shots to ensure we have superb control of tone, and image quality in the final edit. 

The lighting in this office was a strong considered part of the architectural design, so we decided not to add global lighting in this office.  Instead, we showed off the interior lighting, subtlety adding a little lighting where ever we needed to accent specific details or control shadows.

Vision & composition
We firstly see what is in front of us at face value, but on shoots like this, we quickly see what the designer imagined, and this drives our approach to composition. We always pay a lot of attention to getting three-dimensional composition right in camera.

We delivered a series of one-point perspective compositions, along with the corresponding set of two-point perspective images from the same space

The edit

We used our colour reference shots and the notes we took at the shoot as a reference.  We process RAW files in Capture One, combining the processed RAW files in Photoshop, where we deal with subtle details and dynamic range blending.   We then pass the blended files back to Capture One for final finishing.

We provided a series of files, in a selection of different formats and colour spaces, suitable for graphic designers and usage including print, screen and social media.

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