Public event – Paphos carnival

We covered Paphos carnival in 2018.  Here is a very small flavour of the thousands of photographs that were produced.  The carnival we a great family event, held on the streets around Paphos Harbour. The day was full of fun and joy.

We are fully equipped and have the resources to shoot large public events. 

For public events, we can shoot several images from a press perspective, or scale up and produce hundreds of images for PR usage.  Alternatively, we can offer a service aimed at the public/participants.  In this case we can potentially shoot thousands of images and provide them to the public using a web portal. 

If required, we can provide a tagging service too.  for example, make images searchable based on an athlete‚Äôs shirt number.

We would love to hear about your event.  Feel free to call us or email us to run through your requirements.

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